Analyzes style files and interprets the midi-events included in them
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Scans MIDI file in both 0 and 1 formats, Cakewalk XG-SysEX bank files and Yamaha-keyboards style files, then interprets the basic MIDI-events events contained within that file.

PSRMIDI is a tool that scans GM, GM2, XG and XF MIDI-files of format 0 or 1, style-files for Yamaha-keyboards and Cakewalk XG-SysEx bank-files. You will get an interpretation of all elementary midi-events included. The program has been developped to get knowledge about the interior of the songs which are produced by the Yamaha keyboards with its special XG-SysEx and voices, but it can also be applied with all other XG, GM and GM2 MIDI-files. The type of protocolled events can be selected by filters. There is no manual needed with the program.

SysEx bank-files are binary files with the extension .syx, including a sequence of SysEx-bytestrings. The files are created with Cakewalk.

In the listing you will find the time- and byte-position of each event, the message in hex and the textual interpretation of the message. If you want to learn something about the structure of midi-files, PSRMIDI will be useful.

PSRMIDI is programmed with Visual C for Windows. The program gets informations from a Cakewalk instrument-definition-file (.ins), which should be selected to get better interpretations.

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